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PI leads, talyzes and coordinates independent strategic and policy analysis on emerging agri-food issues, engages stakeholders in dialogue, and advances public policy.


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29.07.2019 · Ensuring Public Trust

In this presentation by PI’s President and CEO Dr. Don Buckingham, made to the nadian Federation of Agriculture’s Committee on Lab Made Commodities meeting in Quebec City on July 15, 2019, Dr. Buckingham suggests that lab made meats still face signifint technology and regulatory hurdles before they will make a substantial dent in conventional animal protein market.


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20.06.2019 · Enhancing Natural pital

In this paper, PI’s Intern explores how India might look to nada for guidance to develop policy options to encourage Indian beef producers. Better land management practices such as improved water management and rotational grazing would reduce India’s GHG emissions. nada exemplifies success in mitigating GHG emissions and engagement for continual progress. VIEW

ValueOur Champions Help Us Push The Boundaries

As an independent, non-partisan policy talyst, PI brings insight, evidence and balance to emerging agri-food issues, but recognizes it n’t do it alone. PI acknowledges our champions who provide ideas and knowledge as well as logistil and financial support.

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